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Managing and maintaining a blog is more than just creating witty sayings and carrying on pithy dialogues. It includes securing updates and backups, and checking on security, optimization and customer development. If you are not tech savvy, it can be a challenge, and even if you are so inclined, it is time consuming and can get tedious if you are running several websites. With the number of companies offering web maintenance programs over the past few years growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years, it can get difficult finding one to suit your needs. Depending on your time and how much you have set aside to maintain your site, choosing a maintenance program will be beneficial to your growth and internet presence.

When you subscribe to Zoingly! you are in essence hiring an in house team to maintain your WordPress account for less than what you would spend at your corner coffee shop each month. As a dedicated WordPress technical support for websites and blogs, once you purchase a membership and submit your login credentials you will receive access to a special dashboard where you can submit support tickets and request changes to the WordPress site that are specific to your Zoingly! account. Typical website changes would include any text updates, plugin installations and configurations as well as well as updating any images you have. When you provide web copy, Zoingly! will add your new pages to your website as well as edit website copy.

The Zoingly! maintenance plans are billed monthly to your account. When you purchase a 3-month minimum subscription, Zoingly! will provide you with weekly backups, and proactive WordPress plugin updates as well as proactive WordPress core updates. Core updates are an important feature as WordPress is a living project – changeable and updateable at any time. Like any other software installed on your computer, developers periodically release updates in order to provide new features or to fix any bugs that may have been found.

It is important to remember that your blog is just software. Just like any software, over time problems can develop. Your blog can slow down, it will need fine tuning, and it will require regular backups. Appearing in many shapes and sizes, software bugs can do anything from preventing a user from taking advantage of a plugin, to distorting a theme. As a user, when a software update is released, it behooves you to update as soon as possible. Zoingly! will do that, and assure you of the most secure and stable version of the product. With a 100% 3 day customer guarantee, you can trust Zoingly! To be your WordPress service and support team.

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