Campaign Analysis and Optimization

When selling a product or service on line, today’s marketers need to utilize a value-driven approach toward both the short and the long term online marketing initiatives for their organization. To derive that value approaches should include Site Optimization, Business Process Improvement and Campaign Analysis and Optimization.

Today’s discussion is about Campaign Analysis and Optimization. These processes are divided into two parts:

  • Low hanging fruit harvesting – Recognizing areas that are easy to identify and are in need of improvement. Acting upon these situations often give a quick and effective result.
  • Long term optimization – This is the process by which you continually optimize over time. It includes working to improve the customer’s lifetime value.

In order to build a successful foundation to create the perfect situation for campaign analysis and optimization a successful blog writer must realize that it is of the upmost importance to start with a well-defined plan. Proper identification serves as the foundation for any effective campaign. Proper identification can also serve as the enabler for segmentation. If the plan includes details regarding the naming of specific variable conventions that make them easier to manage and track as well as identify, half the battle is won.

When leveraged successfully, web analytic tools will serve as a critical part in the optimization process. But they do need to be configured properly in order to collect the appropriate data. A configuration is the arrangement of parts to make a cohesive whole. When administered in network processes, the configuration often refers to the specific hardware details, and the capability of the system. This tool will aid in the creation of specific dashboards for customized campaigns allowing the marketer to analyze any key performance indicators that will help in the evaluation of any campaign launched by the website.

While data integration is not always required, it enhances the ability to conduct a more effective campaign analysis. In the case of a website that includes both online and mobile purchasing, data integration will mesh a customer’s online purchase history with any purchases he makes via telephone.

As when a building is constructed, once the foundation is in place the marketer will be able to effectively decide what the conversion rate for each of his campaigns should be. The data can then be used to determine the average order value and calculate the value of each visitor to the site. This process identifies the low hanging fruit allowing the marketer to quickly identify the most valuable campaign. Anything that provides the highest value is identifiable making it easier to confirm that marketing dollars are being spent to their advantage, At the same time, the online retailer can take a proactive approach and any underperforming campaigns can be easily weeded out for discard or revamping.

Now that the foundation is strong, and the low hanging fruit has been picked, it is time to implement a long term process for optimization. All results should be analyzed against previously set goals. Visitors to web pages are not static, therefor, online campaign mixes must be continuously optimized since what worked last month may not be as effective now. As part of a long range plan, this accumulated data will help to analyze any optimal time range or number of times to target past visitors.

The process of campaign analysis and optimization is an important part of any effective marketing campaign. By leveraging the accumulated analysis and optimization, both long and short term data driven decisions can be made that will strongly justify the marketing budget. While you are making these decisions, Zoingly! will be working behind the scenes to make the changes necessary to keep things up to date with your website development. Their services will allow you to focus on your product by keeping your site secure and by updating it regularly and by making managing your WordPress website easy.

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