The Importance of an Email List

One of the most fundamental factors that contributes to blog success is a growing subscriber base – the people who consistently read and share your content with their readers and networks. Unfortunately, it is much too common to find that as a writer, you can so easily get caught up in the day to day process of turning out quality material that you actually forget your readers.The value of loyal members of your readership is uncalculatable. The more subscribers to your blog or website, the wider you can expand your entrance funnel. Zoingly! will help you in this quest by getting your site more email subscribers with optimized forms and auto-responders.

One of the main objectives of starting an effective email list is to gather client information so you are able to stay in contact with them. Sounds simple, but it does take time and considerable effort. By building lists, and maintaining a relationship with a reader or customer you have created a way to have those customers get information. From a marketing standpoint, list building is a most effective tool in your blogging tool-box because it allows your customers to move from a Pull Marketing System to a Push Marketing System.

Pull marketing is any type of method that is used to generate demand by creating interest in your product and encouraging customers to seek out that product on their own. In internet marketing the pull system will benefit from independent social behavior such as word of mouth and viral content effect. Viral marketing is a strategy that will use existing social networks to promote your product by spreading the information via email, social networking sites, and web forums.

Once you have visitors to your site do not make it difficult for them to figure out how to become a subscriber. There should be a clear, easy to spot module to subscribe and a simple opt-in form above the fold of the blog. Do not make a visitor search for that form. Make it stand out. If your reader is new to the site, your job now becomes one of convincing them to stay and to come back regularly. Give them a clear understanding of what they will gain from subscribing,

Remember – an email base is one of the primary drivers of traffic to your blog. It is the main way to stay in touch with your readership. Because of its high conversion rate, as you build your email list you can easily monetize it by adding multiple ideas and products. Even if you are not product driven, every time you create a post you can notify your readership, thus improving traffic to the site. Email allows you to engage your audience in a personal way that a tweet cannot. It also provides a creative outlet that gives your prospect a more personal solution to any problem. The Zoingly! team will create auto-responders specifically for the client, that caters to the particular solution. Every email is an opportunity to relate to your leads, and will show just how relevant you are. When you hand your communication strictly over to social media, you are at their mercy when it comes to talking to your subscribers. An email goes directly to your customer and readers’ in-boxes. Your customers want to hear from you. If they have given you their address they are ready to engage with you and your content. The more people on your email list the more potential buyers and readers will see your messages. The list is yours, and no one can decrease the reach you have with your email base or encourage you to pay for ads in order to increase that reach.

The lifetime of your message is solely determined by the recipient, sitting in the in-box until it is acknowledged while the lifespan of an ad placed via social media has a determinate ending. With Zoingly!’s help, be the blog and business owner that does not miss out on engaging with his audience.

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