Tools of the Trade

Having the right tools for a job is important to the success of every endeavor. With that in mind, it is time to collect the ones you will need to become a successful blog writer.

Believe it or not, one of the most important tools is one of the most basic – books. Yes, books on punctuation, grammar, a dictionary and one or maybe even two on phrases and idioms. Gadgets and widgets: pieces of reusable coding that can be plugged into your website, are also essential. As essential as hands on tools can be, a new blogger is nothing without authoritative writing.

Building authority on your content is one of the keys to successful writing. While not everyone can be an expert on everything, your potential readers are looking for concrete answers and new ideas. In order to draw them to you, and keep them, practice the art of brevity. While the time may arise to go on at length about a topic, by grabbing the wheel and charging forth on a subject you will appear to be authoritative.

One of the best ways to show mastery of your subject is to actually take both sides of an idea by interjecting comments on behalf of your readers while remembering to include the keywords that will alert the search engines and therefor readers and bring them to your page. In this way, not only are you convincing your reader that your way, or your product is superior, you are also giving him the chance to feel as though he is part of the discussion. However, at times you may want to hedge a statement. According to the dictionary definition, the verb hedge means to reduce one’s risk of loss by compensating transactions on the other side of a bet or speculation. In gambling, specifically, hedging is an action taken to mitigate the damage of a poor wager. In blog writing hedging can sometimes help when looking at an idea that can be quantified in a relatively simple manner, but when the goal is to draw more readers to your site frequent hedging is going to make you look too cautious. An example of hedging would be: Most people love apple pie, as opposed to People love apple pie.

Once you have found your voice as a writer, you must embrace the job of research and of asking the hard questions. Unfortunately, these kinds of questions often come in the form of statistics and sources that can be less than reliable. While it is often good to appeal to the masses, most of the time it is better to present both sides of the story, even as you try to persuade everyone to your side. By removing any doubt in the readers’ minds an effective writer will cover a problem from several points of view even if one or two of those points are not in his favor. Integrity goes a long way and will earn return visits which in turn will make readers share the link to the site thus increasing traffic.

The take away from an effective content tool box is to remember to stay on point. While hedging might be a good tool when it comes to honesty, it is not interesting. More definition rather than opinion is important. And remember that research will impress people. Developmental support is also key. When you employ as part of your tool box, it is like having your very own team on what you would spend slaving away in the corner of your local coffee shop. will provide you with weekly backups, edits, plugin updates and proactive WordPress core updates, as well as Auto Optimizations and monthly security scans. By joining, the team will update your headlines, adding a new page or even change out the existing copy on the website, helping you to generate more subscribers with optimized forms and auto-responders, allowing you more time to do the creative form of blogging rather than the nitty-gritty.

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