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Created in 2003, WordPress is a free and open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress began with a code that enhanced the look of everyday writing and only a handful of users. Since that time, it has grown to be one of the largest self-hosting blogging tools in the world. WordPress is an open source project: software that is developed by and for the user community, meaning enormous opportunities for developers have been created to enable them to share and learn through collaboration. Contributions are not limited to code, and the productivity applications and email software creation is limitless. This also means that the user is able to avail himself of it for anything from a family blog to a Fortune 500 web site.

Capable of creating multiple types of websites, WordPress will allow you to build a professional looking site without any coding or design skills. Known as “themes”, WordPress has hundreds of designs to choose from. Unlike traditional software, WordPress runs online in the cloud, so there is not any software to install or any special tools to use, which also allows you to update and add to your blog from anywhere including your smart phone.

WordPress’ plugin architecture allows the user to increase the functionality of a blog. With over 40,501 plugins, WordPress offers customers functions and features that enable the user to tailor the sites to their specific need. Customizations can range from search engine optimization to client portals that are used to display private information to logged in users as well as to content management systems.

WordPress is free to use and free to modify without locking the user into a proprietary service, while allowing you to host your website anywhere or move the site to another hosting service. If you are code savvy you can work with the code and make it into whatever you like. WordPress is the hosted version – your website will run on WordPress servers.

With zoingly!, it is like having your own in-house WordPress development team. zoingly! will update headlines, add new pages or change the copy on your website. With zoingly! you can request an SEO audit as well as get detailed reports on how to optimize your website, as well as vet plug-ins to make sure they are adding beneficial functionality to your site. During September, you can get three additional months of award winning WordPress support and assistance when joining one of their annual plans. Seriously committed to customer satisfaction, zoingly! prides itself on delivering optimal WordPress service and support. zoingly! believes in their service so much, that they back all of their work with a 30 day 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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